CasinoSteps to create Fairbet ID

Steps to create Fairbet ID


Fairbet is an online betting platform that allows users to place bets on various sports and events. To access Fairbet and start betting, users need to first create a Fairbet ID. This article will outline the simple steps to create a fairbet7 ID from scratch.

Creating a Fairbet Account 

The first step to creating a Fairbet account is to visit the website’s homepage. At the top right, users can click the “Sign Up” button to begin the registration process. This will direct them to the sign up page where several key details must be provided. 

The sign up page requests basic contact and identity information. A unique username must be chosen to represent the account. An active email address is also required for communications from Fairbet including password resets if needed. Date of birth is collected to verify the user is at least 18 years old as the minimum age to gamble. Additional security details are gathered like a robust password of sufficient length containing a mix of characters. For verification purposes, a working Indian mobile number is mandatory as Fairbet will text an OTP (one-time password) to complete registration.

With contact details entered, users must solve a captcha to validate they are human. Finally, reading and accepting the terms and conditions is part of agreeing to Fairbet’s policies. Once all required fields are filled, users can click the “Create Account” button. This prompts Fairbet to send a unique 6-digit code via SMS to the provided mobile number. Entering this OTP on the subsequent verification page seals the new account registration process.

Verifying Your Mobile Number

After providing all the required details like username, email, password etc. to create an account on Fairbet, users need to verify their mobile number. This is an important security step to ensure that only the actual mobile number owner can access the newly created account. 

Once the user clicks on the “Create Account” button after filling the signup form, Fairbet will send an OTP (one-time password) as an SMS to the registered mobile number. This OTP is a unique 6-digit code that is different for every signup attempt. The OTP will be displayed on the verification page where the user needs to enter it.

The OTP is only valid for 10 minutes from the time it is sent. So the user needs to be quick to receive the OTP on their mobile and enter it on the verification page. In case the OTP expires before it can be entered, the user can click on the “Resend OTP” button to request a new one-time code. Fairbet allows resending the OTP a maximum of 3 times within a 5 minute window to accommodate any delays in receiving the code.

Logging Into Your New Account

After completing the signup process and verifying your mobile number, you will be redirected to the login page. This is the page where you can access your newly created Fairbet account.

The login page is very simple and easy to use. Right at the top, there will be two fields to enter your login credentials. The first field is to enter either the username or the email address that you provided during signup. Make sure to enter it correctly without any typographical errors.

Below it is the password field. Carefully type in the password that you chose while creating your account. For security, the password is masked and is not visible as you type. Ensure you are entering the correct password. Once you have entered both the username/email and password, the next step is to log in. Right below the two fields is the “Login” button. To initiate the login process, click on this button.

Adding Banking Details 

To make deposits and withdraw funds from your Fairbet account, you need to add your banking details. Go to the “Banking” section in the sidebar menu. Here you can add the following:

  • Account holder name: Add your name as per your bank account.
  • Bank name: Select your bank from the dropdown list. 
  • Account number: Add your valid bank account number.
  • IFSC code: Add the 11-digit Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) of your bank branch.

Once added, Fairbet will verify your bank account. This may take 1-2 working days. Only after verification can you use your bank account for deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

Adding Identity Proof 

To comply with Indian gambling laws and ensure security, Fairbet requires users to submit valid identity documents before allowing betting activities on the platform. This is to confirm the user’s identity and address.

Once logged into their Fairbet account, the user needs to navigate to the “Identity” section in the sidebar menu. They can choose to “Upload Documents” from this menu. Clicking on this will direct them to the document upload page.

Fairbet asks for three types of documents – a passport size photograph for face verification, an address proof like passport, Aadhar card, voter ID or driving license to validate the user’s residential address, and an identity proof like passport, Aadhar or PAN card for name verification.

Verification of Documents

Fairbet takes document verification very seriously as it is an important security measure and also required as per Indian laws. Once a user uploads their identity proof and address proof documents through the app, the verification process begins.

Fairbet has a dedicated team that manually verifies each document submitted by users. The verification executives carefully check the documents for authenticity. They match the user’s profile details such as name, date of birth etc. with the details mentioned on the documents. Documents are checked for any signs of tampering or forgery like blurred images, white balance issues, inconsistent fonts etc.

In some cases, verification executives may need additional supporting documents or clarification from the user. If a document is not clear, they will ask the user to re-upload it. This process ensures that only genuine users with proper identity proofs can access the betting platform.


Following these simple steps will help you set up your fairbet7 id quickly. You can then start exploring betting markets and placing wagers on your favourite sports and events. Always bet responsibly as per your means.

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